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Edging and curbing

Granite Edging and Curbing

Granite is the ideal material for lasting borders and curbing along lawns, patios and driveways. Our garden edging will add to the beauty of your yard and separate your landscaping from your walkway or other hardscape. The driveway edging provides a strong edge for snow removal, as well as keeps your lawn where it should be and will lengthen the life of your asphalt.

Whether you need a few feet to surround your flower garden or a few hundred feet for a large driveway project, we have what you need in stock.

Additional Resources:

LifeCycle Cost Comparison: Granite and PreCast Curbing
Although the cost of precast PCC curb is less than that of granite curb, this economic comparison clearly indicates that granite’s durability, longevity and reusability negate the cost advantage of precast PCC.

Structural Analysis Comparison: Granite and PreCast Curbing
This structural analysis of granite versus precast curbing clearly indicates that granite is a superior curb material in New England where winters, road salt, and plowing are tough on Portland cement concrete.

Showcase Gallery: Edging and Curbing

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